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Tracy Leigh Thorne
Vocals/Instruments/Sound Engineer

Tracy is a full-time musician, co-founder of kids' entertainment company Fiddle Foxes, and an early childhood development specialist. She sings and teaches at various preschools as "Ms. Tracy" by day, and can be seen performing at night at The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, and other beloved NYC music venues. 

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Sarah Mullins

Percussion, Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Keys

Sarah Mullins is a NYC-based, Canadian-born drummer and percussionist, who also sings and writes music.

She plays drums regularly with Musical Improv Comedy shows Baby Wants Candy, Shamilton, Vern, Your Love, Our Musical, and more.

Sarah has been working with children for the past decade, teaching piano/drum lessons, English, and performing at Early Childhood Development Centers.

Our Clients Include



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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it all work?
1. Contact us for a price quote or any questions
2. We will reply within 24 hours

3. You will fill out a form regarding details of the song
We provide any/all of the following:
-Backing Vocals
-Sheet Music
-Keepsake Lyric Art
4. You will then place your payment via our secured online store, receiving your song in 10-12 days, and are guaranteed up to 3 song revisions/until you are 100% satisfied!
**Your level of involvement is up to you! We can give you updates and the creative process proceeds, or you can sit back and relax until you receive your custom song <3

Are the rights to my song included?
Yes! That means once you have completed the payment transaction, the song in its entirety belongs to you and you alone. Chickadeedoodah has no rights to the song.

Will my song be used on as a sample?
Yes, unless specially requested, we hold the option to use your song as a sample on this website ONLY

Do you do acoustic tracks?
Yes, we can create tracks with acoustic guitar, for that intimate/folksy sound

Do you offer song services not listed?
We can create ALL kinds of songs including movie soundtracks, singing telegrams, and just about any other random thing you can think of:)

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